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משלוח חינם בקנייה מעל 199 ש"ח

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נעלים לילדות בגילאי 0-1 שנים

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Well-rounded girls' shoes & trainers

Our range of girls' shoes & trainers for ages 0-1 years old isn’t just full of eye candies, but functional and durable items for long-lasting wear. Some models are even iconic, like our infant-style tennis shoes that sport a perforated 3-Stripes on the tongue, comfy OrthoLite® sockliners, and a hook-and-loop closure system for an excellent fit. Some of our girls’ shoes have an anti-slip rubber print for safety and a leather upper that offers a sock-like fit for your little girl’s dainty feet. Other models feature a rubber outsole, synthetic leather lining and soft suede upper materials. Some of our girls' trainers for 0-1 years old are also extremely convenient to wear with easy on-and-off straps. No matter which model you go for, these well-rounded girls' shoes & trainers are easily some of the finest pairs of footwear that you could ever give to your little princess.

A pair of shoes for all occasions

adidas shoes for girls come in different designs and are meant for specific purposes. We have slides that are ideal for trips to the park or the beach. They boast lightweight EVA foam that’s soft and cushioned for optimum comfort, and an elastic heel strap designed for a snug and secure fit. The adjustable ankle and forefoot straps on our swim shoes for girls mean that your little princess could easily use them for a year or more. They have a contoured footbed that is supremely comfortable, as well as being quick-draining and -drying. These qualities make them the perfect footwear for trips to the pool or beach. And our girls' shoes & trainers for 0-1 years old wouldn’t be complete without cute models like the FortaRun X Minnie Mouse shoes. These pairs make your girl even more adorable with a hook-and-loop closure that features Minnie’s signature bow. Comfort is also on the menu as these shoes are made from a lightweight EVA outsole that’s soft and flexible. Choose your favourite from our range of girls' shoes & trainers, all of which possess outstanding qualities your young girl will love.

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