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משלוח חינם בקנייה מעל 399 ש"ח

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The adidas range of trail running shoes has something for everyone, from veteran runners to beginners. Look as good as you feel on the trail with our extensive range of colours and styles for all ages.


Take on the toughest trails, climb the fells and conquer every obstacle in your way with trail running shoes from adidas. Designed to help you take on the world’s toughest terrain in the worst imaginable conditions, our outdoor running shoes are perfect for obstacle courses, muddy tracks and day to day training.

Support for the toughest trail

Whether you are going for a jog on a muddy track or trying to conquer the mountain trails, our running technology is here to support your run. GORE-TEX linings offer waterproof breathable performance to keep your feet dry on wet trails. Boost cushioning offers you our most responsive cushioning ever, providing energy returns with every step. Durable textile and mesh uppers with abrasion-resistant welding provide added support and durability ideally suited for rough conditions. Pro-moderator medial and lateral support and EVA frames provide unrivalled stability for uneven ground. Continental Rubber and TRAXION outsoles provide extraordinary grip, even in wet conditions. Our trail running shoes have been designed to let you dominate every run, every surface, and beat the elements in smooth running comfort.

Get the perfect trail fit

All terrain running shoes need to fit snugly to reduce the risk of your foot slipping. They should also sit comfortably around your feet, supporting the ankles tightly but still allowing movements in the Achilles and feet, to reduce the risks of chafing and injury. To help you get the perfect fit we offer a complete range of men’s and women’s sizes from 3.5 to 14.5, with half sizes allowing you to get an exact fit.

Whether you are training for your next endurance run or just running in a muddy park, our trail running shoes are here to provide you with the grip, traction and movement changing support that helps you power through the toughest terrain.


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