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משלוח חינם על כל הזמנה ומכל סכום
משלוח חינם על כל הזמנה ומכל סכום

משלוח חינם על כל הזמנה ומכל סכום

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Our cleverly designed gym bags for women come in different styles and sizes, all with unmistakable adidas detailing like the iconic 3-stripes and trefoil. They're loaded with ingenious features with a pocket for everything!

Get organised with womens gym bags

Carry your sports kit in style with an adidas womens gym bag. More than just a practical holdall for carrying all your workout gear, our ladies gym bags will make a statement. Whether you’re a regular gym goer, attending football training or part of the swim team, you need a functional bag that you can seamlessly take from the office to your chosen activity. In sizes from tiny – like a waist bag, bum bag or shoe bag – to everyday backpacks, duffels, studio bags and gym sacks, not to mention tote bags and larger roller bags, there is a gym bag for everyone.

Sustainable ladies gym bags

We have created a range of womens gym bags that features ECONYL® fabric with regenerated yarn. When you buy one of our bags made with recycled Parley Ocean Plastic®, you’ll be helping reduce plastic waste as well as investing in high-performance sportswear.

A gym bag for every activity

A sensible choice for transitioning from work to working out is a backpack fitted with a padded laptop divider and breathable air-mesh back panel to keep you cool during your commute. If you’re travelling long distances, opt for a roller bag that will take the weight off your shoulders with convenient wheels, so you can transport your gear with ease. When you’re going to netball or volleyball practice, pack your kit and training essentials in a medium-sized duffel bag. With two compartments to separate clean and dirty kit and two pockets to keep personal items safe and secure, you can carry everything you need. For those who want to keep it trendy, choose an adidas by Stella McCartney studio bag, perfect for yoga and Pilates classes. With a sleek outer design, the bag offers a detachable sack inside to keep your trainers separate from your workout gear.

You’ve got the skills and the determination, but have you got the kit? Make sure you’re well-prepared with adidas gym bags for women. Designed to transport your workout gear in style, these women’s sports bags can help you effortlessly transition from home to work to gym. Designed with form and function in mind, and with a range of carrying styles, you’ll feel more motivated than ever to work up a sweat.

Wear your 3-Stripes with pride

From classic backpacks to duffels and studio bags, the range of adidas gym bags for women includes a wide variety of sizes and styles. Made from durable materials that come in a range of bold colours and featuring the iconic Trefoil logo or 3-Stripes, these women’s sports bags are built to last. Even the most basic models incorporate comfort-enhancing features like padded straps and zipped front pockets to keep essential items close to hand. Some models have TPE-coated bases for long-lasting durability. Combining lifestyle with sport, many backpacks come with padded laptop sleeves and water bottle pockets. With these features, it’s a breeze to use one bag all day.

Innovative gym bags for women

adidas is renowned for its innovative approach to sportswear technology, and this doesn’t stop at shoes and shirts. Many adidas gym bags for women include outstanding technologies that are designed to support you wherever you go. Some top-of-the-range training backpacks feature Loadspring shoulder straps that absorb shock as you pound the pavement or hillside. Other models are enhanced by Climacool technology, providing ventilation for your shoulders and back through breathable straps. Dedicated shoe bags are a simple but effective way of separating kit and keeping organised. Stay cool and focused on your daily routine with adidas women’s sports bags.

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