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Track tops for women

Whether you need a track top for women to complete your workout kit or complement a casual outfit, the collection of adidas track tops for women includes pieces in exactly the kind of style you want. The range includes slim, athletic cut track tops, regular fit track tops that offer a classic style, and loose cut track tops for a more relaxed, edgy effect. Choose track tops in various sizes and a variety of colourways to suit your individual style. Track tops can also be chosen for specific sports that combine lifestyle and fitness, such as yoga or skateboarding.

Design that combines comfort and function

Wherever possible, fabrics like tricot and jacquard are woven from recycled materials using sustainable processes to make these adidas track tops for women. Hidden pockets on some styles provide a place to warm your hands or carry small items securely. Full zip closures add to the warmth and cosiness you’ll enjoy when wearing your women’s track top. Collars come in stand-up styles that keep your neck extra warm, or in bomber styles that fold down for a classic effect. Ribbed or elastic cuffs keep sleeves in place and cold air away from your forearms.

Creating ensembles for fitness and everyday

When you’re ready to put together an ensemble that includes track tops for women and other separates like leggings and shoes, fabrics like recycled polyester provide softness along with positive feelings about being kind to the environment. Technologies like Climacool provide ventilation for breathability, while Climalite delivers moisture-wicking protection that helps keep your skin dry and cool. Show respect for a favourite football team by choosing a tracksuit with a team crest alongside the adidas logo and 3-Stripes. Or, for more individual wear, design details like a loose fit and curved hemlines create a relaxed effect on a regular fit track top for women.

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