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Our women's sweatshirts combine sublime comfort with effortless style. Designed using superior materials and in a wide selection of bright colours, find the top that suits you and your active life.

Women’s sweatshirts

adidas women’s sweatshirts are designed to keep you warm and fashionable. Modern-day sweatshirts provide more than just warmth; the sweaters solve specialised needs with inbuilt features that are an added advantage to the user. For instance, instead of the traditional long sleeve, the adidas sweatshirts have infused diverse sleeve designs such as an elongated armhole with a relaxed shape, making it easy to wear without impairing your brisk movements. This inspired sleeve gives a comfortable fit. The side front zips and front pockets keep your essentials and valuables while you are on the move. The women’s sweatshirt also features ribbed cuffs and hems, which gives the sweater a beautiful appearance and a flattering look on you. All adidas-designed sweatshirts are super-comfortable. The sweatshirts incorporate an old-school Trefoil logo, which gives you a sporty and smart outlook. adidas women’s sweatshirts are 100 per cent cotton, providing a soft and smooth feel all day long.

Designed for military officers

adidas has a specially designed fashion sweatshirt for military officers. Considering that they are mostly outside in the cold, a smart and exceptional pullover designed by adidas ensures that the dual aim of providing warmth and keeping smart gets provided, and the women’s chic camouflage sweatshirt achieves this purpose. However, you can still enjoy the stylish sweatshirt even if you aren’t a military officer – the cropped sweater with a stand-up collar gives you a smart and relaxed fit, draping on your body for casual comfort. The cropped women’s sweatshirt has an inbuilt long sleeve and an elastic hem to lock in your body heat, providing adequate warmth.

The beautifully inspired sweatshirt

Women’s sweatshirts incorporate modern, fashionable ideas to serve a dual purpose for users. Notwithstanding your desire for old-school fashion or modern-day fashion, adidas sweatshirts are inspired to meet your needs. The flared sleeves with a distinctive edge create a modern look while providing warmth for the user, while the velvet sweatshirts give you an elegant and luxurious look. You can achieve the old-school sporty look with the contrast 3-Stripes and adidas Trefoil logo on your favourite sweater. The designed tie cord positioned at the hem of women’s sweatshirts adds a feminine flair to your pullover. These flared sweatshirts produce a regular fit that is neither tight nor loose, giving a perfect in-between fit for a flattering figure.

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