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adidas is committed to service and accessibility issues throughout its stores.

The company wishes to provide a fair, respecting and accessible service and shopping experience to each customer - with disabilities and without disabilities.

On this page you will find detailed information about accessibility arrangements in our stores.

Employee Training

All of our employees go through general professional training, including experiential training, implementing procedures and providing information regarding all aspects of accessible service.

In-Store Accessibility

adidas operates approximately 38 stores throughout the country.

Accessibility Customer service center

Customers wishing to contact our customer service center are welcomed to do so in any of the following means:

1.  Fax: 073-7555321

2.  Phone: 073-7555321 Human response with no background music if there is no answer, please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you shortly

Contact Us

We will be happy to receive inquiries, information and suggestions regarding accessibility issues; please contact our corporate accessibility Coordinator - Elad Gavurin.

Phone: 073-755-5188

Email: Accessibility_IL@adidas.com

Accessibility in stores

Up to this date adidas Israel store chain holds 51 stores across Israel

Up to this date Reebok Israel store chain holds 8 stores across Israel

For detailed store accessibility elements, please click here.



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